Love Letters To Read
To Your Sweetheart

Even the most romantic among us rarely give love letters to read to the one we love. Notes like these are rare! Few even write them—let alone then actually take the letters and read them to their special someone!

Give a card when there’s no occasion? You’re above average.

Write your own love note? You’re special.

Compose a love letter and then read it aloud to your lover? Well, you’re just exceptional!

love letters to read

Why are love letters to read aloud so significant? Consider what happens when you take the time and effort to write a love letter. The ability to convey your emotion as accurately as possible is an art! Unfortunately, the emotions used to compose are not always transferred as the recipient reads the letter.

There are many potential hindrances:

  • Will the reader misunderstand something you've written?
  • Is the reader in a negative or a positive mood?
  • Does the reader feel rushed to read the letter? Do they have enough time to take in every word and phrase?
  • Does the reader have enough time to take in every word and phrase or have they received the letter at a time when they are too rushed?

On the other hand, there are benefits of love letters to read to your partner:

  • The emotion of your written words will also come through in how you read them.
  • You choose the right time to express your love. Timing is important!
  • You can add emphasis to significant words and phrases to clearly communicate their importance.
  • You are able to maintain eye contact with your lover as you read. This will more intensely communicate the heartfelt emotion.No important words will be left unread. You control the speed of the reading.

Guys, consider how much better having love letters to read aloud to your sweetheart will convey your true feelings more accurately?! You’re going to need that accuracy when:

  • You want to propose!
  • You’re celebrating that special anniversary
  • The baby has kept your wife up all night, and you want to express your gratitude for being a great wife and mother! (read the letter while serving her breakfast!)
  • You’re attempting to show appreciation for all he does for you!

And girls, your partner would love to hear your words read to him when your letter includes:

  • Things about him that you like and admire
  • Sensual things you want to say to him
  • Surprises you have planned for him later in the bedroom!

Why not invest time now to write a few love notes, and then read them to your partner? What a great way to deepen intimacy and heighten excitement? We know you won’t be disappointed!

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